LTE Deployment

5The acronym LTE stands for “long term evolution” and is used to describe a component of technology that has become exceedingly popular in the wireless industry in recent years. Many cellular providers commonly refer to phones, tablets and other mobile devices that are capable of sending and receiving LTE signals as being “4G LTE” compatible.

LTE has become the standard for wireless communication on mobile phones, data terminals and other types of devices all over the world. One of the major benefits of LTE compatibility has to do with the enhanced voice quality that is possible with these types of devices. LTE devices, thanks to the high amounts of bandwidth that are available, are capable of sending and receiving full high definition, uncompressed voice signals during communication. When paired with today’s modern day mobile phones, this has lead to a dramatically better experience overall.

TriTEL Is Evolving With Technology

As technology continues to advance and devices like smartphones, tablets and other portable electronics are becoming “the new normal,” mobile broadband is becoming an increasingly important part of the daily lives of millions of people all over the country. That dependence is especially prominent in the Internet generation that has quickly become accustomed to the presence of immediate broadband access whether they’re at home, in the field, on the road, at school or in nearly any other location that you can imagine.

Fixed mobile broadband is continuing to grow at a rapid pace and that growth will continue for years to come. As a result, fixed mobile broadband is expected to overtake many existing wired solutions as both speed and efficiency increase at a dramatic scale. The wireless industry currently believes that Long Term Evolution (also commonly abbreviated as LTE) is the way to provide this transition to the masses.

TriTEL Services can provide a wide variety of different products and services in the area of LTE deployment that include but are not limited to:

  • Scoping
  • Construction management
  • Closeout department management
  • Project management
  • In-house civil and tower crews, all of which are highly trained for the specifications of individual carriers.
  • Turn-key sites.
  • Tiger Team Support, which can provide important areas of service like troubleshooting, maintenance and more.
  • In-house crew that hold a huge range of different certifications including ComTrain.
  • Anritsu Sweep testing
  • Fiber testing (in both JDSU and ODM)
  • PIM testing
  • GPS antenna alignment tools and more.

TriTEL Services Personnel has tirelessly worked on the following LTE focused projects in the past:

  • Projects for AT&T LTE 1C, 2C and many additional carriers.
  • T-Mobile Modernization
  • T-Mobile LTE
  • Verizon LTE
  • Sprint Vision Project
  • Sprint 2.5 Project and more.

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