4Wireless providers will need the types of decommissioning services that TriTEL Services provides for a wide variety of situations. Sometimes an existing tower isn’t necessary anymore or needs to be relocated to an area where it can be of a higher level of value. Sometimes certain pieces of equipment will need to be removed and disposed of so that the tower itself can be properly upgraded to meet new capacity standards and requirements.

For whatever the reason, TriTEL Services offers a wide range of decommissioning services for our clients to use. Some examples of these services include but are not limited to:

  • Tower decommissioning
  • Tower relocation
  • Foundation removal
  • Shelter removal
  • Equipment removal
  • Antenna decommissioning
  • Coaxial cable decommissioning
  • Fiber optic cable decommissioning
  • Carrier decommissioning
  • Sector decommissioning
  • Concrete removal
  • Pad removal
  • Land clearing
  • Property clearing
  • Decommissioning services related to “green” or energy efficient sites, including those related to rawland.

The Ever Changing Rules Make Decommissioning A Factor

One common example of a reason why a cell site might need to be decommissioned has to do with the ever changing rules and regulations in certain areas governing these types of structures. During the nascent days of the wireless industry, the technology of cell sites across the United States was tightly regulated but the appearance and the location of the towers themselves was looked after to a much smaller degree.

As more cell towers have been constructed in heavily populated areas throughout the country, even the appearance of these towers is being regulated by local and state governments. Many cities, especially those with large populations that are compacted into relatively small areas, require cell towers to be blended in with the surrounding area in some way. As a result, many older towers that have been built in decades past no longer meet those requirements.

TriTEL Has You Covered For Decommissioning Needs

In the event that you do need to decommission an existing tower for the purposes of erecting a new one to meet new standards, a stealth tower is certainly the way to go. As the name suggests, these types of towers are specifically designed to blend in with their environment and not attract any unwanted attention. Despite this, they are armed with all of the latest technological advancements and have all of the same features that traditional cell towers are known for.

Some of the main ways that stealth cell towers are designed to blend in with their surroundings include techniques like the careful use of foliage, being surrounded by trees, being made to look like a street lamp and more. There are many different creative and unique techniques that can be used to create a high quality camouflaged cell tower depending on exactly what it is that you’re trying to accomplish.

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