DAS/Small Cell

3The needs of both networks and end users of distributed antenna systems (also commonly abbreviated as DAS) are constantly changing, especially in today’s modern technological environment that continues to evolve at a rapid pace. As a result, DAS services like the kinds that TriTEL Services provides are becoming a viable solution in a wide range of different areas.

Digital antenna systems are becoming an increasingly important part of not only the daily lives of individuals, but also the ways in which businesses conduct operations on a regular basis. At its core, a digital antenna system is a connected network of antenna nodes that all share a common source. That source is shared via a transport medium. When all of the aforementioned devices are working together, they provide wireless service to all compatible devices within a certain geographic area.

The Additional Benefits Of Digital Antennas

Digital antenna systems are not simply limited to providing wireless service to a particular city or county, however. Smaller digital antenna systems can be erected to provide wireless service within a particular structure. These techniques are increasingly common in large cities where tall, cement or brick buildings with steel beams may have a difficult time picking up wireless service from outside sources and nodes.

Some of the areas that the DAS solutions provided by TriTEL Services can be used in include but are not limited to:

  • Urban areas.
  • College campuses.
  • Universities.
  • Exclusive residential and business communities.
  • Hotels.
  • Resorts.
  • Convention Centers.
  • Stadiums.
  • Theme parks.
  • Hospitals and other types of medical centers.

As a leader in the telecommunications industry, TriTEL Services is capable of both installing and maintaining two distinct types of DAS systems.

The first is an outdoor DAS network that consists of a central hub location. That central hub is responsible for linking, via fiber optic cables, a system of antenna locations (also referred to as nodes) which are conveniently placed to provide carriers of all types with the type of pinpoint coverage that traditional cell tower coverage methods cannot meet.

The second type of DAS system that TriTEL Services can be responsible for is an indoor DAS network that includes remote antennas, all of which are strategically placed throughout a building. These remote antennas are connected via fiber optic cables to a single hub that contains all of the wireless service provider’s necessary equipment. The indoor DAS solution provided by TriTEL Services supplies building owners with a single system that can be used to address all of their wireless needs, no matter how big or how small they happen to be.

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If you have any questions, comments or concerns that you’d like to address about the products and services that we offer, don’t hesitate to contact TriTEL Services today. You can do so in a variety of different ways depending on your preferences including by telephone, by fax, by email or even in person if you happen to be in the area. As always, we look forward to hearing from you and your organization and can’t wait to get started working with you.

Small Cell

1.1-01 At TriTEL Services, we’re proud to use our experience throughout wireless and backhaul networks to provide efficient and cost-effective Small Cell deployments to all of our clients. Our superior Small Cell solution includes a wide variety of important characteristics like thoughtful planning and an intense capitalization on the most prominent leasing, permitting and backhauling opportunities available.

Thanks to the relentless mobile data growth that today’s modern technological environment is experiencing, along with the popularity of data hungry devices like smart phones and tablets, mobile network operators are constantly considering new and innovative broadband network deployment models. Among these models are Heterogeneous networks that incorporate Small Cells. Heterogeneous Networks are made up of a few different types of wireless technologies and cell layers that are all working together to provide the most seamless wireless experience possible to the end user, regardless of the specific type of device that they’re trying to use at any given moment.

We Stay Close To The Entire Process

At TriTEL Services, we’re working closely with our backhaul partners to determine the absolute beset options for all of our customers at any given moment. Backhaul is and will remain a vital aspect of fulfilling the Small Cell promise which includes important characteristics like improved capacity and network speed, all while minimizing the total time and cost needed to deploy these specific types of networks. Not only are we designing the test networks so that we know exactly how to achieve the capacity objectives, we’re also making the absolute best use of the spectrum possible to help avoid interference within the macro network architecture.

At TriTEL Services, we’re active in a variety of different industry associations and are constantly monitoring developments across the equipment space. We do this so that we’re prepared to launch programs when called upon in the fastest and most efficient ways possible.

Customer Challenges

Accurate Small Cell placement is an absolute requirement to maximize network capacity, as is security backhaul that is both high capacity and low cost. These types of customer challenges are absolutely integral for successful Small Cell deployments. Other challenges that our customers are facing on a regular basis include the density of Small Cell deployments, which makes not only obtaining key sites but monitoring lease agreements of vital importance. We’re happy to say that at TriTEL Services, these are challenges that we’re willing to meet.

At TriTEL Services, we understand that our deployment resources must be competent cross-functionally, including in areas like Small Cell, transportation, maintenance, operations and many other disciplines.

Our Clients Are of the Utmost Importance.

At TriTEL Services, our mission is simple. We aim to provide the telecommunications industry with the absolute best talent to help make sure that the safest, most efficient and highest quality services are being provided at all times. These services are available for the wireless construction and maintenance needs of all of our clients, regardless of where they happen to be. To find out more information about the high quality products and services that we offer, fill out the “Quick Contact” form below to hear back from a TriTEL Services representative as soon as possible.