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7.7-01Cell towers, also commonly referred to as cell sites, are one of the most important aspects of business in the cellular industry. Cell towers take the form of large structures that contain antennas. When a variety of different cell towers work in conjunction with one another they create a cellular network, which a large number of different carriers can use to bring wireless communications to customers everywhere.

Because technology is evolving at a rapid pace, the cell towers that were installed even as recently as a few years ago may no longer be suitable to service the needs of customers in a particular area. Not only do carriers need to worry about the technology that powers the cell towers themselves becoming outdated, but they also need to worry about customers in a particular area pushing a tower or even an entire network over capacity.

TriTEL Fully Understands The Process

At TriTEL Services, we completely understand that providing adequate capacity in 4G and 3G networks is of the utmost importance to not only creating satisfied customers but with regards to keeping them for as long as possible. As the types of wireless networks that are in use throughout the United States continue to grow and see exponential gains in traffic, increasing the capacity of your existing sites is arguably even more important than adding new ones.

  • At TriTEL Services, we’re proud to offer all of the experience needed to provide a complete end-to-end Carrier Add package that includes but is not limited to services like:
  • The rapid mobilization of crews to support large regional or national carrier add programs that our clients may either be currently going through or are planning for a future date.
  • TriTEL Services provides a singularly impressive project management structure and discipline, all of which enable our industry-leading quality, safety and (most importantly) on-time delivery.
  • World-class engineering, which goes a long way towards making sure that a site is configured in the best way possible and that the available infrastructure is being utilized to the best of its ability.
  • Completion of due diligence that is not only thorough. The completion of due diligence includes but is not limited to site preparation activities like RF system upgrades, electrical modifications, civil modifications and more.
  • The careful and strategic planning and execution of management services that are designed to eliminate disruptions that may cause services to be temporarily suspended to the operating network in question.
  • Database and records updates.
  • TriTEL Services will also provide installation and project closeout documentation whenever and wherever it is most needed.

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