testCustomers from all over the country are depending on a company’s ability to cheaply and effectively deliver fiber or Ethernet to a cell site on a consistent basis. Fiber and Ethernet are two of the main types of digital cables that are used in transmissions of all types throughout the world. Unlike a traditional coaxial cable, fiber optic transmissions break information down into a series of light pulses that are then transmitted across the cable via a small amount of glass. The configuration and design of the cable allows information to reach its destination in a faster and much more reliable way than ever before.

TriTEL Is A Proven Leader

Ethernet is a type of digital communications cable that has rose to prominence since the price of broadband Internet in homes across America has plummeted and the availability has skyrocketed. Even if a user plans on creating a wireless network throughout their home, they will still need at least on Ethernet cable to connect their wireless router to a modem or other type of Internet access point.

Despite how important fiber optic and Ethernet cables are, there may still come a time where the delivery method or the cost of those techniques becomes too much for any one company to sustain. When those situations arise, TriTEL Services is here to help.

TriTEL Services is fully capable of installing microwave systems throughout any site where the situation calls for it. Additionally, we provide a large number of different services to cell sites on a case by case basis that include but are not limited to:

  • Front end line of site (LOS) installation. Line of site is commonly the fastest and most direct method of wireless communication, especially with regards to the strength of the signal in question.
  • Satellite dish installation.
  • Coaxial cable installation, both above ground and below ground.
  • Pathing and more.

TriTEL Services can also install fiber optic cables, Ethernet cables and more to the cell site. Whenever you’re having issues with these types of services or with delivering them to the cell sites that are so important to your organization, it’s important for you to know that we’re here to help. If you’re having trouble building the physical infrastructure needed to help with the delivery process, we’ll get the job done for you as quickly and as inexpensively as possible. If you’re looking for a way to cut costs by increasing efficiency, we also have what it takes to accomplish all of those goals and more. TriTEL Services is truly your telecommunications partner for all of your wireless services needs.

Keeping Our Clients First

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