2G/3G Harvesting Solutions

6.6-01At TriTEL Services, one of our primary goals is to help our customers both redistribute and integrate 2G, 3G and other types of equipment that they may be using across their network. Doing so will dramatically help those companies improve the performance of a network and its overall efficiency, especially when it comes to the experiences of their own customers. The 2G and 3G harvesting solutions that we offer are designed to allow for the maximum utilization of the network components that have become increasingly valuable to your organization.

The major benefits that you will see from using our TriTEL Services 2G and 3G harvesting solutions include but are not limited to:

  • A full combination of high quality end to end services that allow you to free up certain key members of your own staff to focus on activities and objectives that more directly involve your own primary mission.
  • A reconfiguration of the cell site equipment layouts that you’re currently using with the intention of optimizing the overall usage of physical space. We’ll reorganize your existing equipment so that you’re able to do more with less on an ongoing basis.
  • We’ll safely remove and redeploy surplus equipment that you may use to better take advantage of your existing resources. You won’t have to worry about equipment that is just lying around that isn’t being utilized to 100 percent of its capacity. Not only that, but we can also perform that removal and redeployment without disrupting your existing network operations.
  • We will oversee logistical support that is both comprehensive and secure. We will take care of a wide variety of different logistical tasks that will help improve operations on a daily basis include shipping equipment to centralized warehouse locations, shipping equipment from those locations to various sites around the country and more.
  • We will handle the inspection of equipment to help make sure that it continues to operate at the highest level of performance. In the event that equipment is found to be outdated or in need of necessary repairs, we will also be responsible for the refurbishment of those items until they return to the type of quality that you need.
  • We will handle the installation, commissioning and integration services that your business requires on a daily basis including functions like data translations, scripting, provisioning and more depending on the needs of the situation.
  • We will perform a throughout transfer of knowledge at all points including functions like site closeout documentation, database updates, records updates and more.

Keeping Clients First!

At TriTEL Services, one of our primary missions is to provide our valued clients in the telecommunications industry with the absolute best talent available. We do this not to further our own bottom line, but to provide these clients with the safest, highest quality and most efficient service for all of their needs. If you’re in need of wireless construction, wireless maintenance or other types of wireless services, you can always count on TriTEL Services to get the job done.